J. Scott Peters

This is my blog where I will teach about what I have learned in my life. I will talk about how the gospel of Jesus Christ has taught me how to live a better, happier life. I will tell stories about how I learned through difficult trials and how they taught me to trust in God and in his great wisdom. In a lot of ways, I felt that it was God speaking through me. This and many other posts are there to help you in your journey.

I will start by sharing a poem I wrote after my divorce.

A Life full of learning

The sun sank into the mountains, and the moon’s acquiescence became king of the night and the colors of the terrain disappeared into the darkness.

There was not much I could do discovering myself captivated by the vista before me.

As the repertoire of nature sang to me, I found myself wallowing in reflective cognition about specific events in my life.

All the “How comes”, “whys”, and “I just don’t understands” flickered through my mind.

I used to think that I governed my destiny and direction, but fate and circumstance became soon enough my bedfellow.

I have arrived at the point of understanding to have acknowledged that it would be my fate to wade through sorrow regardless of my abilities.

I thought by my own limited mind that I could avoid certain hardships and mishaps through the genius so mercifully granted unto me.


God has a plan different than my own that does not preclude pain and suffering indecipherable by my small understanding.

What I didn’t foretell is the learning that I would amass from heartache would make me more of a man than the mind of my naïve past thought was possible.

Wisdom, good sense, and sensibility now is common to my mind.

I perceive life so differently that I wonder if I was no more than a foolish child before these untold events came to pass.

How can I not thank God for his grace and plan?

How can I not live life more fully?

So as I looked upon the moon in all its glory, I remembered the sun so much brighter than this.

I am much like the moon living off of borrowed light from the Son.

A perfect man gave his life so I could shine so bright.

Fortunately for me, I get to keep the light given to me.


Dear Reader,

The lives we live are difficult. They are supposed to be difficult. They are not too hard nor too easy. God is the blacksmith that needs to put us in searing heat to purify us. Our trials are there to help us. Rely on God to help you. Read my posts on destiny to learn more.

J. Scott Peters