Becoming United with Love and Charity

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God’s action of judgement at the end of time is not the same as when a person judges another person. When God judges after all is said and done, he is only determining, maybe even discerning what the person has earned and should receive because of their actions. He is giving payment for the work that has been done good or evil. It isn’t an act of pride or revenge. It is an act of justice and love, giving the person what is best for them to receive. So we really shouldn’t compare them as if they are the same thing because they are not. I think that the word “discern” is a great word for what God does in his act of judgement. I would say that word means righteous judgement. And the way that God judges is an act of discernment that only God can do.

When we judge, we are doing it by comparing another to ourselves and raising or lowering ourselves or the other person in that comparison. In God’s eyes, his just view of a loving God, we are not comparable but we are unique and wonderful, each one of us. He wants what is best for us. His love prevents any pride from entering in.

Pride emerges through division. The devil strives only to divide husbands and wives, employees and bosses, church members and church leaders and he uses our lack of love for one another to get us to compare ourselves to one another. For many years throughout mankind’s time on this earth, the opposition has used pride to disband us. He has used jealousy and envy to spur us to fight, maim, and kill each other. He has pointed out our differences to get us to hate one another because of differences in skin color, genitalia, and unique skills and abilities.

So how do we oppose that pride that is natural in each of us? How do we become united when we don’t agree on politics and religion? We love and serve each other that is how. We build on the things we can agree on. We help one another to fulfill our individual goals and dreams. We comfort one another when all the while we disagree on things that seem important but aren’t. Taking care of one another is the greatest way to solve pride and develop love. We see people as the wonders of this world, individuals who are writing great stories by living life. We become the change we seek in others. By doing so we are praying for the charity of our Lord and Savior to start burning in our hearts.

Let’s become united in doing good to all mankind. Let people talk without malice and be fine if we don’t agree on everything. Being united has nothing to do with agreeing on everything. It’s about seeing everyone as a child of God and treating them as such even when they disagree with us on some things, probably inconsequential things. 

Let’s be united in praying for God’s goodness to come upon each of God’s children, our brothers and sisters and then strive to help others to fulfill their dreams. Our skills and abilities are gifts from God so we should repay the great Father of the heavens and the earth by using these wonderful gifts to bring light to all those around us.

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