Destiny Part II

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Our Father in Heaven has planned it all out. He knew that we needed to have faith in order to grow and maintain agency so he took all memory of the preexistence from us when we were born. He took the knowledge of his plan from our minds so we wouldn’t be able to act out of knowledge but we would have to act out of faith. Our agency depended on that veil to be maintained. Obviously, that didn’t take from us the growth we made in the preexistence. He also created spirits that would rebel in the preexistence so that we had that opposition to do what is right in order to allow us to choose and maintain that agency. Agency is key to understanding these things and so is justice and mercy.


The Father knew what experiences and choices we would need in life before he created us spiritually. This is to say he knew us well enough as intelligences to know who to pick for each part of the play and he knew how it would all play out. We get promptings for a reason to test us if we will follow, to give us knowledge by faith to help us, and to give us experience. There are times where we don’t recognize those promptings to be what they are. Those experiences help us recognize based on what happens to listen to those promptings.

This life essentially was a 4D puzzle that God put together. At times, he does things himself to make sure it all plays out perfectly. I don’t know for sure but I think he hasn’t shown this puzzle to Christ and the Holy Ghost so they also have to act out of faith themselves. Everything in our lives plays a part in molding us and in molding those around us.

Some people might argue that if it is all planned out and foreseen by God that we don’t have agency. I am not sure how someone can justify this stance. We wouldn’t grow unless we act on faith. We have choices still even though God knows what choices we will make in the end. He has placed certain trials and tests in our life so that we have the option to choose either direction. We will be swayed in a biased way which is why we become a combination of all our choices and the use of faith. He has prepared situations where he knows we will choose poorly to give us the experience of failure. He is getting us the farthest he can without forcing us, doing it for us, or removing agency and free will. We can stand accountable for many things and the succession of choices we make. We cannot blame him one bit.

When we get to the judgement seat of God to be judged, he will show us how it can be different if we had made different choices and how we became what we became after all he could do to help us choose differently. We will remain completely accountable for the choices we made. We will not be able to claim that it was too hard and that it should have been easier. His judgement will be just and merciful so that we will not have any valid excuses. He will likely show us the results of it differently to help us understand if it was different.

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