Pride and Judgement

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Wrong Way SignConsidering all, it does us no good to judge one another for we do not completely understand why anyone does anything and doesn’t do something else. We do not know enough and we do not have the wisdom to see others as God does. He sees everyone by their past, present, and future deep into the depths of their soul. He also sees the possibilities in each situation. The most important thing is he loves them completely inside and out despite all their failings. We on the other hand lack wisdom and context of each and every person including ourselves. Judgement is God’s domain and stewardship. When we claim that lofty duty, we are claiming to be God. We are claiming his goodness, love, and character. We are claiming all that he is even though we are practically nothing in comparison. Worst of all, we are claiming to be better than God for we believe he is not doing his job well enough when we make judgement of anyone.

There are positions that require judgement like the service of a bishop. These roles should not be performed with ignorance of God’s will from whence the greatest wisdom and knowledge come. Those in such roles should seek to judge only in humility. Those actions should only be done in the exact humility that the Son of God submitted himself to suffer and endure the eternal atonement. He laid himself down on the altar, asking to be removed as a sacrificial lamb while knowing that he would accept such a duty because it would allow him to be able to love as God the Father does. He knew it could not be done any other way.

We should understand that unrighteous judgement is one of the most obvious signs of pride than everything else. When we seek to claim judgement of others and condemn others of sin, we are actually condemning ourselves more than anything else. Do not seek to know what is selfish in others or even ourselves. In others, such is not needed. In ourselves, we should seek God to help us see any faults in ourselves, while refraining from judgement of our actions and feelings when no enlightenment comes from our Father of anything that is not obvious sin.

We may feel that some judgement is needed, but we should do something else. Some call it ‘righteous judgement’ but I prefer to use the word in English ‘discern’. When we discern, we aren’t condemning or doing anything to determine another’s fate. We are determining what is needed if anything and how we can supply such. It is as simple as that. It is something that we can only do well if we have an abundance of charity. We must love those we serve and then gain a greater abundance of charity through praying for more charity and then serving those we desire to love more divinely.

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